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Unlock your development potential

Flexibility is one of the core principles at 4Words, reflecting modern business needs. We offer our clients flexibility in the location of their language training and flexibility between different groups within a company. Have your sessions or face to face in via our online training portal. It may not always be language training that is the most immediately pressing need and with our synergy scheme we can ensure that you and each individual participant receives the optimal solution to their business needs. The transferability of units to new groups or to other participants ensures minimal wastage of resources.

Tagungsraum Business


The perfect blend mixed for your success

The content of the lesson is organised according to your specific needs. We consider any and all influences and situations to find the perfect training blend, tailored to you. Your content can quickly adapt and change as your situation, skill level, time, schedule and needs develop and change. All trainers at 4Words are highly qualified and experienced in recognising when the content of the lesson needs to be adapted and move with your needs.  

Zusammen arbeiten


Professional empowerment for your business environment

Different times call for different measures and training. Executives need different coaching/training ranging from professional skills (dynamic presentations, successful negotiations) over language training in an intercultural environment, to coaching for performance. We combine your learning elements and services to perfectly and immediately adapt to your business needs. Our mission and motto is to empower you – confidently ahead. We analyse your learner type and relevant outcomes and adapt your training content and volume to your workload, allowing you to successfully continue with your day to day activities and still get your learning in as and when you need it.

Learning 4.0

21st century training at your fingertips

We work with the latest software solutions administrating, planning and delivering your training. As well as developing our own solutions with local universities, specialists, publishers and training experts, we tailor each individual learning experience to find the perfect balance in and around your training, offering you the perfect blend of tech and the personal touch in helping you achieve your goal.

Click here to found out more about our blended learning solutions and our online training portal - MyWords!

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