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Team Work


Introducing our professional team of language, communication and business skills specialists, available to you both in person and in online training.

Helen Heron
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With over 17 years of business training experience and a strong believer in self-development, Helen is the perfect trainer for professional English practise. As an accredited ACC coach, Helen can competently and carefully accompany you in your life and business skills training.

Anthony Mahon

With over 20 years' experience in various industries, Anthony offers a refreshingly creative, contemporary and structured approach to corporate language training. His qualified, musical ear and passion for singing will help you tune into your effective communication skills.

Alexandra Collings

With her extensive teaching English at schools, universities and diverse businesses in Russia and Germany for over 15 years, preparing clients for examinations and business communication, Alexandra offers a unique cultural insight and structured, fun and informative language training.

Rob Ledermann

Rob's versatile and innovative training style focusses on getting the most out of your communication skills and leading to meaningful and effective results. Rob is great for practising your small talk and business English and gaining an international insight to Canadian culture.

Steven Pine

With more than 25 years experience in diverse industries at all corporate and executive levels, Steven delivers excellent business English skills training that is not only contextually rich, but is also motivating and engaging. Steven believes firmly that openness, fun and effort are essential for success.

Christopher JP McCann

Training and inspiring clients since 2000 with his own blend and methodology of English learning, Christopher is a communication all-rounder, offering not only excellent face to face training, but also broadcast quality virtual training sessions and solutions.

Fergus Crossen

A specialist of over 35 years, working in Ireland, Spain and Germany with leading brands and companies. With his extensive knowledge of technical English, electrical and civil engineering, Fergus will immerse you in a customised communication experience.

Lucie Lengfelder

Lucie's communicative and customer-centralised approach to teaching English and German offers a well-planned, authentic and lively learning experience. Sessions with Lucie thrive from your active participation and focus on developing skills through respect and integrity.

Andrea Rak-Lapp

Andrea has been an expert trainer of English, German and French for the past 30 years. Andrea is a passionate language trainer and translator and is perfect for those of you looking to fine tune the specifics of the target language. Lessons with Andrea are fun and engaging and always designed around your needs. 

Veronika Wigand

Veronika offers truly inspirational training in English, German, French and Spanish. An author of several training books, Veronika delivers the perfect mix of theory and practise in developing your perfect communication technique and linguistic range.

Hilary Miller

Hilary's corporate experience of over 25 years makes her the perfect trainer for the seasoned business specialist. Improve your English communication skills for business and technical purposes, customer service, supply chain management, office communication and much more.

Robert Zammit

Robert's training style is profoundly open, exciting and based on respect for the individual and their needs. Everyone has something to say and with his 20 years of experience, Robert knows exactly how to help you say it clearly, coherently and authentically.

Dr. Bronwyn Celeste Fabrie

Born in South Africa and in Germany since 1992, Bronwyn is a specialist in psychology and mental training, author of many books and has been working in corporate level educational training for over 15 years. Understand yourself and your communication better.

Edward Starke

Edward's training technique is highly engaging and goal-oriented, specifically tailored to corporate professionals, managers and c-suite executives. His personable approach and extensive experience enables you to maximise your success potential in your industry.

Elizabeth Burras

Elizabeth is an enthusiastic English trainer, teaching business English for over 18 years. She is a dedicated educator who enables students to achieve high-level understanding and develop confidence through lively, fun, and interesting lessons.

Wendy Linthicum

Wendy is originally from Washington DC and, as a language learner herself, has great compassion, enthusiasm and patience when it comes to learning. Wendy is experienced in diverse industries ensures  a customised, highly motivating learning environment. 

Julia Siegmann

Working with adults and children in the private and business sector, Julia is an enthusiastic, skilled and fun trainer of the German language. Her unique and personalised approach leads to noticeable results and long-lasting linguistic success. 

Enrica Vecchio

Learning Italian with Enrica is a full immersion in language, culture, important linguistic nuances, gestures tone of voice and tonal shades. With extensive experience in private and professional application, training with Enrica is simply 'perfetto'!

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