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The Perfect Blend



Your training solution for wherever you are: sitting comfortably at home on your tablet, on the go with your smartphone or in the office from your laptop or desktop. Have access to your training at your fingertips using the MyWords training portal. Benefit not only to on-demand access to your session notes, customised, in-house training material and videos, but also immerse yourself in the broader training and learning community with other like-minded learners, trainers, content developers, social media and brand new learning solutions and products from all major content publishers and producers available. Find out about training , social and professional development events near you and take your communication to the next level!

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Mann, der versucht App



Out of the pocket and straight into the classroom! Our new blended learning approach using our own Fast4Words training app not only brings your current training to your fingertips to your mobile, tablet and desktop, but allows you the exciting opportunity to select and add additional training units, exercises and dynamic material, as well as dive into the MyWords learning, training and social community

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