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Diskussion der Bürogruppe


Turning a team of experts into an expert team in an agile environment. Whether traditional command-and-control project management teams or scrum, agility methods are followed, all teams rely on solid interpersonal and intercultural communication and having the right people in the right position. The understanding and recognition of the roles within a team, using Belin © or Diversity Icebreaker ©, for instance facilitates communication and leads to constructive team development in a reflective environment. Harmonised with the intercultural and interpersonal reflection, nothing should stand in the way of your team's communication.

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Zuhause arbeiten


Coaching is unlocking a client’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is not necessarily a cosy process because a coaches's job is to help the coachee to see the facts clearly and consider alternative interpretations. It uncovers an amazing amount of assumptions which block the development of creative processes. Our individual training focusses on assisting you to maximise your business potential, effectivity and international communicative marketability and positioning.

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Different times call for different measures and training. Executives need different coaching/training ranging from professional skills (dynamic presentations, successful negotiations) over language training in an intercultural environment, to coaching for performance. We combine your learning elements and services to perfectly and immediately adapt to your business needs. Our mission and motto is to empower you – confidently ahead. We analyse your learner type and relevant outcomes and adapt your training content and volume to your workload, allowing you to successfully continue with your day to day activities and still get your learning in as and when you need it.

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